Pandora Ring Sizing Guide


Measurement Type

Diameter US UK European
14 mm 3 f1/2 44
14.6 mm 3.75 h 46
15.3 mm 4.5 h1/2 - i1/2 48
16 mm 5 j-k 50
16.5 mm 6 l - l1/2 52
17.2 mm 7 m1/2 - n1/2 54
17.8 mm 7.5 o - p 56
18.5 mm 8.5 p1/2 - q1/2 58
19 mm 9 r1/2 - s 60
19.8 mm 10 t1/2 62
20.4 mm 10.5 v 64

Printable Ring Sizing Guide 

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Sizing Tips

When choosing a ring size:

Choose the ring size of the largest finger on which you’ll be wearing the ring. When measuring, round off to the closest whole millimeter.

Stackable rings:

For a looser fit, select one size up from your normal ring size.

Wide shank ring:

This ring has a wider band. We recommend one size larger than your normal ring size.

How to Measure your diameter:

Diameter is the measurement across the inner width of the ring

You'll need:
  • A ring that fits you
  • Ruler

Step 1:


Find a ring that fits.

Step 2:


Lay the ring on top of a ruler, and measure the widest area inside the ring from the inner edge to the inner edge. Round off to the closest whole millimeter.



If your ring is a different shape than a circle, measure the shortest distance across it.

 How to Measure Circumference:

Circumference is the measurement around the base of the finger
You'll need:
  • 5mm wide strip of paper
  • Pencil of fine tip pen
  • Ruler

Step 1:


Cut a long strip of paper that is 5.0 mm wide.

Step 2:


Wrap the strip of paper around the base of the desired finger. For the most accurate result, pull the paper as tightly as possible.

*Don’t worry! The correct ring size is determined on the basis of a tight measurement; the ring itself won’t fit that tightly.

Step 3:


Ensure that the paper is evenly overlapped and pulled tight, and mark where the strip of paper meets itself.

Step 4:


Measure the length of the strip of paper in millimeters. Round off to the closest whole millimeter.